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Brock Lamb

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I've been practicing HTML & graphic design since I was 12 years old. I began learning it as a means to create a centralized location for myself and my buddies to have match/tournament listings for our favorite computer game at the time, Quake Team Fortress. From necessity we learned how to use Javascript to create navigation buttons with old-school image rollovers and the graphics to support them. 18 years later I'm completely fluent in HTML and CSS(3) and have also picked up intermediate/advanced PHP, beginner (MVC3), MySQL, ActionScript 3.0, and most recently began learning to incorporate HTML5 and CSS3 in to design and development. I am also able to create and customize CMS sites such as Drupal, Wordpress and recently began with Joomla. Next on my list of things to learn/tackle is Ruby. I may have a lot of technical / language abilities but I am a designer at heart and my passion lies in layout design and front end development. I also have over 12 years of graphic design experience and consider myself an advanced or senior level graphic designer.